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Ph.D., Cornell University, 1978
Eighteenth-, Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature, Cultural Studies, Literary Theory, Post-colonial Theory

I study eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century Spanish Literature. I have published extensively in modern peninsular Spanish literature as well as cultural studies and postcolonial literature. My books include:

Africans in Europe: The Culture of Exile and Emigration from Equatorial Guinea to Spain (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2010).
An exploration of African emigration to Spain through the literature and culture of Equatorial Guineans, a former Spanish colony, who have experienced either emigration, exile, or both.

Madrid 1900: the Capital as Cradle of Culture (Penn State Press, 1996).
An inspection of the urban representation of Spain’s capital through a reading of its history and literature in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth.

España y su Civilización (McGraw Hill, 1992).
A textbook originally written by my father, Francisco Ugarte, updated and modified for intermediate students of Spanish.

Shifting Ground: Spanish Civil War Exile Literature (Duke Univ. Press 1989).
This book was completed with a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship awarded in 1985. I did much of the research in Madrid’s Biblioteca Nacional. It deals with exile not only as a specific historical phenomenon as a consequence of the Spanish Civil War, but also as a human condition. I tried to come to terms with the languages of exile. This book was translated into Spanish as Literatura española del exilio, Madrid: Siglo XXI, 1999.

Trilogy of Treason: an Intertextual Study of Juan Goytisolo (Univ. of Missouri Press 1982).
The “treason” refers to the writing of Juan Goytisolo in his post-modern trilogy Señas de identidad, Reivindicación del Conde don Julian, and Juan sin tierra in which he debunks the icons and canons of Spanish literature and civilization.

With Prof. Mbaré Ngom I edited and introduced a collection of essays on the culture of Equatorial Guinea titled Equatorial Guinea and Spanish Letters (2004), a special issue of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies.

I have translated into English works by Africans writing in Spanish: the first novel of Equatorial Guinean writer Donato Ndongo, Las tinieblas de tu memoria negra: Shadows of Your Black Memory (Swan Isle Press, 2007).

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Madrid 1900:
the Capital as Cradle of Culture

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Africans in Europe:
The Culture of Exile and Emigration
from Equatorial Guinea
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Shadows of Your Black Memory
Shadows of Your Black Memory

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