Italian Area Studies Minor

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Missouri offers a MINOR in ITALIAN AREA STUDIES.

In order to pursue a Minor in Italian Studies, students must have completed the foreign language requirement in Italian, which consists of 12 credit hours (two 6 hour/week courses) of Elementary Italian: ITAL 1100 (offered in the Fall semester) and ITAL 1200 (offered in the Spring semester).

The Minor in Italian Studies consists of 15 credit hours beyond Italian 1200.

9 credit hours must be obtained through the following mandatory course sequence:

  • ITAL 2160, Intermediate Italian (offered in the fall): prerequisite ITAL 1200, or the equivalent at a different academic institution.
  • ITAL 3150, Post-Intermediate Italian (offered in the spring): prerequisite ITAL 2160, or the equivalent at a different academic institution.
  • ITAL 3160, Italian Composition (offered in the fall): prerequisite ITAL 3150, or the equivalent at a different academic institution.

The remaining 6 credits may be obtained by enrolling in two of our elective courses. Elective course offerings vary from year to year. Consult the Current Course Offerings on the Mizzou website or contact an Italian faculty member for information for each academic year.

  • ITAL 2310, Italian Civilization (in English)
  • ITAL 2850, Italian Cinema (in English)
  • ITAL 2001/ITAL 2005, Topics Course (in Italian or in English)
  • ITAL 3001/ITAL 3005, Topics Course (in Italian or in English)
  • ITAL 3430, Survey of Italian Literature (in English)
  • ITAL 3310, Twentieth-Century Italian Fiction (in English)

Students coming from a different academic institution or students who took courses abroad should contact the Coordinator of Elementary Italian, Dr. Rita Cavigioli, before enrolling in any of our Minor courses taught in Italian. A placement exam may be administered in order to assess the student’s linguistic and cultural competence.

Elective courses may also be chosen among Italian-emphasis courses offered by other UMC Departments (e.g., Art History, History, Music) or other UMC programs. These courses are subject to approval by either Dr. Rita Cavigioli ( or Dr. Roberta Tabanelli (

Normally 9 hours must be completed in residence at MU. However, students are permitted to count 6 hours toward the Minor in Italian Studies from an officially sanctioned semester or yearlong foreign study program in Italy. 6 credit hours toward the Minor can also be earned in a summer study abroad program in Italy.

The Italian program also offers a special Winter Intersession course: ITAL 2001, Topics: “Basics of Italian Language and Culture for Study Abroad Programs.” This course does not count toward the Italian Minor but can be taken for elective credits toward other Majors.

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