Asier Alcázar

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Associate Professor of Spanish
128 Arts & Science Building

Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2007
Spanish Linguistics


Asier Alcázar, Associate professor of Spanish, received his Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Southern California in 2007. His research interests include syntax and its relation to semantics and morphology; computational linguistics; sociolinguistics; and dialectology. He has published several articles on various aspects of Spanish, Basque and Romance syntax, and edited two conference proceedings volumes. In addition, Asier has developed software tools to work with the online corpora of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. He is currently doing research in Phase Theory, and the typology of phrases and clauses in the following languages: Spanish and the Romance family, Basque, Medieval and Renaissance Italian, and Latin. Morever, he creates electronic texts for use in computational investigations. Asier has presented his research at several international, national, and regional conferences, and his scholarship has appeared in such journals as the Journal of Basque Linguistics, and the Journal of Cognitive Science.