MA in Language Teaching

A total of 30 hours selected from courses receiving graduate credit must be completed for the MALT (Master of Arts in Language Teaching). A minimum of 21 of the 30 hours must be taken in either French or Spanish. At least 15 hours must be in courses at the 8000 level or above. Of these 8000-level courses, six hours must be in the Department of Romance Languages. The remaining 9 hours may be taken from course work outside the department with the approval of the student’s academic advisor.

Please note also that the number of hours of credit allowed for Special Readings (7960) and Problems (8085) may not exceed 12. MA candidates may not take more than one of these two independent readings course per semester.

Students wishing to transfer MA credits from another university may transfer up to six hours, provided these courses were taken within the last eight years.

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