Undergraduate Program

The Department of Romance Languages and Literatures offers several programs that lead to or accompany another Bachelor of Arts degree.

To pursue either a major in French or Spanish or a minor in Afro-Romance Literatures in Translation, French, Italian Area Studies, Romance Literatures in Translation, or Spanish the student must initiate the graduation plan by filling out the required forms with the help of an Undergraduate Studies Adviser. All forms are subject to approval by the Undergraduate Adviser and the Dean (in 107 Lowry Hall) prior to registration for the first semester of the junior year.

Double Major/Dual Degree

Additionally, the Department encourages its better students to consider the possibility of a double major (2 degrees within the College of Arts and Science) or a dual degree (a second major outside Arts and Science) in order to enhance future job prospects.

Students who work towards a double major may be able to complete them with a minimum of 120 hours. Students who are considering a dual degree program, in Arts and Science and in another School or College are advised that a minimum of 132 credit hours will be necessary.

Other Languages: Catalan

Our department now offers two classes in Catalan Language and Culture that meet general education requirements in the Humanities sector. They are:

Romance Languages (RM_Lan) 2200: Introduction to Catalan Language and Culture, and;
Romance Languages (RM_Lan) 3200: Catalan Culture and Identity

For more information, contact Professor Monica Marcos-Llinas at: Marcosllinasm@missouri.edu  (573) 882-1508.


Additionally, the department offers a variety of activities for undergraduate students in Columbia.


Guadalupe Pérez Anzaldo
Director of Undergraduate Studies                  

134 Arts & Science Building
(573) 882-3386

Pablo Serna
Undergraduate Advisor
Assistant Instructor of Spanish 
147 Arts and Science Building
(573) 882-2269

Fall 2018 Office Hours


   12:00 - 2:00pm


   10:00am - 2:30pm

Or, by appointment.